How much memory your windows 8 need?


This is my working pc at this moment, you can see I have 16 GB, it is too much actually

What you have to do first is, to open all your programs which you usually use

Wait for the next day or next week


There are 4 divisions

In Use, Modified, Standby, Free

Use this formula,
So your minimum memory is In Use + Modified + Standby + 1 or 2 GB
More than that is a waste of money

for new buyer, I recommend to have at least 6 GB, that is a minimum to run windows 8 smoothly
The ideal is 8 GB memory.
4 GB is too low for windows 8

after i fix my hardware reserved memory issue, now windows 8 run smooth like butter


How to fix windows 8 too much hardware reserved memory

So, I have this windows 8 with 8 GB memory, windows recognize the memory but when I open task bar, I see 4.5 GB hardware reserved memory

AMD A10-4600M with AMD Radeon 7660G + 7600M with 4GB x 2 memory

There is no way to change the bios, because its totally locked
Anyway the issue is not on software, but more to hardware issue

At worse, this can be indicate that your memory module is faulty

BUT before you decide to buy a new memory, try to swap it first,

on my case it works!, now the hardware reserved memory only 549MB 🙂


Animecon 2013 World Forum The Hague Review


The Hague, city of peace and justice
Honestly since the day I came to Netherlands, if there is really something called peace and justice in The Hague, it is only at Animecon! You will meet a lot of good Dutch people at there. No black, white, yellow, any fucking religion or politic shit here. All people from lot of different country, all united under this j-pop culture anime. It my best day ever in The Hague 🙂

The Experience: A
It feels like I’m going to a school. The students is the attendance. The event organizer is the teachers. The boss is the headmaster. This event have a lot of rules! They use zone system rules, the deeper you go, the rules is more tight. Even the teachers hate the rules you know. They have a lot of workshops where you can learn to make sushi or you can get some lecture about space, history of comics, or the situation of japan business today. Cosplay is everywhere. You can see a mix of all cosplay from game, anime, comic or fairy tales. There is this game room where you can play lot of games. There is this dealer rooms where you can buy stuff. Video room to watch anime. I really enjoy this event.

The Attendance: A+
Lot of people who came use costume, it’s like a dress code. It is not mandatory, but best to use some costume. (I did not use any costume) They are very nice. You can ask them politely, can I take your picture? they will say yes sure with a smile. (I just use a cell  phone). They are very supportive. I never get rude treatment here. All people socialize, laughing together, full of smiles.

The Organizer: B
The staff is nice. When you ask question, they will answer it nicely, even to same question. The will refuse people who break the rules, like bringing food or drink to game rooms. They refuse them nicely. The organizer is somewhere between amateur and pro. While they have lot of flaws but they are nice.

The Master of Ceremony: A+
For cosplay competition, there is this master of ceremony, a duo of man and woman. (I’m sorry I don’t know their name) They make pretty good joke, I never get bored with them. They are superb!

Sushi Workshop with Chef  Taji: B

He is pretty funny Chef. The workshop a little bit of rush and being spitted into two teams which makes different sushi. One maki, one nigiri.  The thing is I can not feel the difference between the Chef and workshop’s student… or we automatically become awesome sushi maker under Chef Taji 😛 The result of the sushi is good, make sure you wash your hand before. by the way its require additional 10 euro ticket. But yes, i think it can be better workshop if its not so rushy. (My stomach is still good, i eat all kind of sushi being made during workshop, it taste good)

The Game Room: B
They said its bigger this year, but I’m not satisfied.
Thanks to Bandai Namco, I can play Tales of Xilia (boy what a crap voice acting, if you compare it persona, million years away) The evangelion pachinko is broken I think. I think they should be able to organize event on game room better, its pretty chaos.

Cosplay Competition: B
Some good, some pretty plain. The costume is good, the acting can be better. The music sometimes fail or the light can’t keep up with the act. I can’t really feel any competition. The people who perform do it because they love it.

Special Guest-Altima: A++
I’m not their fan. I don’t even like their song yet. But they are so awesome and down to earth band ever! Motsu is the best rapper from Japan, Maon definitely kawai and can sing! Sato…. can be better. There is no song that is catchy in my ear except CYBER CYBER. In fact I buy their single which contains CYBER CYBER and get it signed with them 🙂 The concert really turned on the heat after this song! Here I come the C-Y-B-E-R, What is this power called? Hey CYBER CYBER! They sing a new song for the first time special for this event. (Sorry I don’t remember, already on trance due CYBER CYBER ^_^!) There is also this unknown DJ… anyway my eye definitely see Maon and Motsu more….

Novotel World Forum: D-
world forum
The place already bankrupt and I’m not surprised if its went bankrupt. The management is crap. When you use “World” in the name of your place, you would think a world class of service, but nope. It is arrogant place with do nothing for this event except renting its place. That’s it, nothing else. The toilet is broken. (I poop and panic because the water to flush it can’t came out). Once you get in, its like you are in jungle. To navigate the places, you definitely need a map. It is so confusing. People get lost. There must be no single drop of water to be dropped on its carpet. The organizer really have to try so hard to keep everything good. I can feel their fear.

Food and drink: E
I wish the food can be something that is little bit related with the event.
The only japan thing that you can get is expensive sushi which no one buy. Other than that is pretty plain of snacks like hamburger, kroket, pizza, bread,hot dog. It is pretty basic. The noodle also crap for 5 euro. They charge the drink with like you want to drink unicorn blood. 3,5 euro for 500ml of cola/fanta/nestea. Don’t blame the organizer. World forum is bankrupt so they try to make money as much as possible. There is this too exclusive restaurant. Anyway, I can’t feel the food and drink to integrate with the event.

Accommodation: E–
Not much choice other than novotel for a best place to stay. By i mean the best place is because its near and that’s it. if you want to fully  attend this event, then there is no choice but novotel. The event is non-stop, but you can not sleep anywhere in the room during the event. I choose to go home 😦 I miss lot of midnight event 😦 There is no cheap accommodation around.  😦

Transportation: C+
There is no additional public transport or whatever. The public transport schedule is stay the same. Nothing. Nada. On the last day, when we want to go home, the tram 17 doesn’t stop at all and left us in the cold. Check your fucking log HTM, there is complain log on that day. The tram is super full on the last day. People are tired, have to wait in cold in the halte, have to stand in the tram.

City: D
The Hague definitely not ready for non-stop 3 days event. 
I don’t feel the support of the city for this event at all other than promoting it on its web site. Its a non stop event, you know what that means, say I want to attend the event till 2 am, but I can’t do it because I can’t go home due no transport. There is no additional something for this event. Its like there no event at all.

Best Day is saturday
Friday is okay, Sunday everything is slowing down

The total cost for me approximately somewhere around 200 euro.
Ticket admission, sushi workshop, 3 days lunch and dinner, public transport and Altima’s CD+DVD+T-shirt
You can add accommodation cost to that 200 euro and transport cost to The Hague.

While the bag storage is free, the que que is insane, try to avoid to bring bag if you are peasant like me so its easier for you move around. For better experience, wear costume. Even the event is non-stop, know your limit. Just go home first, take a rest, continue tomorrow.

No camera when altima on the stage 😦

Who is this Kimberley van den Hurk ?
UPDATE : I found her at here
She is a beautiful cosplayer with some kick ass costume!
This is her video
This her brand

There is this dealer room where you can buy stuff, but once you buy stuff, lot of important room become inaccessible due you bring stuff with you. So it gets complicated. I think the organizer should think about this issue.

There is a nice place to cosplayer and photographer can do their thing.

Overall: Yes, you have to attend this event
The organizer is good but can be better. The people is so awesome and will be the first reason of  why you attend this event.

How to fix android layoutInflater ClassNotFoundException android.view.fragment

You are using android support fragment
You put your fragment inside a view then you inflate that view
You already extend FragmentActivity yet you still get that ClassNotFoundException android.view.fragment
You already use android support library version 13

what the hell happen?

basically the layoutInflater does not recognize your support fragment

therefore, you can not put your support fragment in your xml layout

you have to put it dynamically using your java code

otherwise the layoutInflater will try to look for android.view.fragment instead your support fragment

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review (First Impression)

Well I don’t have lot of time playing with it yet…

The Box

The front side

How to apply screen protector

The fragile port cover

Sony Xperia Tablet Z with screen protector attached

First Impression

It feels expensive, you won’t be shy to bring it to meet your client
The loading screen, wow!
User Interface is beautiful, your windows 8 feels like DOS
Navigation is pretty intuitive
Setup is easy

Don’t Like:
In the name of thin and water proof, that port cover…. its so fragile
Touch response (with screen protector attached) is so so… sometimes I feel it doesn’t register my touch, perhaps I haven’t get used with how much pressure I should give yet
Again the touch screen, Wacom Bamboo Solo is NOT working -> you can press a button (sometimes miss) but for scrolling… let alone handwriting…
I was planning to look cool on a meeting with Wacom Bamboo Solo and Sony Xperia Tablet Z so… its pretty big disappointment
Applying the official screen protector (that damn 20 euro screen protector) Seriously, I prefer to pay little bit more and let Sony apply it right out of the box

It’s not perfect
but its premium design makes your friend’s Ipad or Samsung looks like a toy

The day my sony xperia tablet z came, the same day my nokia lumia 800 have wrong password issue with wifi router… (even the password is correct, and yes, ps vita, laptop, and xperia tablet z can connect without problem)

To safe Wacom face, they do not recommend to use their stylus with screen protector attached
and they do not recommend to use it with sony’s previous tablet model (Xperia Tablet S) on their faq
So I take it as my mistake to not read the faq T_T

Awesome Tablet !

Update June 6 th 2013
I get system update, somehow I can use wacom bamboo solo now
So yeah, I can look cool now :p
Pressing is much better now, scrolling possible
Now im typing with wacom, sometimes a miss still happens, but this is better
Drawing and handwriting still not good

502 bad gateway error on windows azure web site

and it’s only happen on internet explorer 10


as this writing Microsoft refuse to acknowledge the issue
I suggest you simply switch to other browser like chrome

or pray they fix it on internet explorer 11

Microsoft insisting that is my web site which have the issue,
but it is so silly

01. ie 10 + windows server 2003 web edition = OK
02. ie 10 + windows azure web site = 502 bad gateway error
03. chrome/opera + windows azure web site = OK

How to fix it?
Stop using internet explorer
otherwise Microsoft insist on you to troubleshoot/debug your web site
instead of fixing their bug!



I install web matrix 3 and run the site locally
and the issue occurred instantly, not 502 bad gateway error but the ajax request instantly not responsive

I have no idea what Microsoft did with IIS
but if you call “abort” on your XmlHttpRequest, things are going wrong
How to reproduce the bug:
Create an ajax request to the server
while the internet explorer wait for response, immediately call abort then call the same ajax request to server

on windows azure web site: after lot of requesting, you will suddenly get 502 bad gateway
on iis express that is installed with web matrix 3 (maybe version 8), the request instantly not responsive
this only happen if you use internet explorer

So the solution is just don’t call that abort method

is windows 8 and readyboost work ?

in short : yes it is kinda works

in long :
it is depend on what kind of your pc/laptop you have

if your pc have ssd, you don’t need the readyboost stuff anymore
if your pc harddisk is 7200rpm ++, you will barely able to notice the difference

but if your pc like mine

5400 rpm hard disk, 8 GB memory, then you may need readyboost

some people will say that if you have 8 GB memory, then you don’t need readyboost, that is not true, because readyboost will kick in when the system need to access your 5400 rpm hard disk (if it cached of course)

so, what kind of flash memory i use? i use 32 GB sandisk ultra and i put it on my internal memory card reader (27e at the time of this writing)

once i put it on my pc, i format it to NTFS and dedicate all the memory for readyboost

and just like any cache technology, you will get the benefit once the stuff that you want is cached

and just like any speed improvement psychology, you will feel the speed raised a little bit, but once you get used to it, you will hardly notice that improvement

and on my case, the speed improvement really feel-able when  i open lot of tabs on my internet explorer and opera then i play league of legends

then you know, i do that “alt+tab” thing to switch back to desktop,
the first time still slow, then the speed of switching back to desktop and back to league of legends is faster to near instant (even after i put my pc to sleep and close the league of legends)

so is it really worth it?
if you ever feel that your pc slow and you see your pc reading your hard disk like mad during that loading, then it’s worth it