When you live in Netherlands, what you will hear from people more or less, “typical Dutch customer service”, “customer service? is there any customer service here?”
What I think is world is changing, so does Netherlands, you want your business survive sir? If oma and opa simply ignore how rude your service to them, we the young one are not.

I will tell you my experience between 2012-2014
I can’t speak Dutch properly yet and doesn’t look like any “west” person thus if I get good experience, you can expect something better.
Things can change but usually not

Price Search

You can use these two website to search for cheapest price
Pretty much quite reliable so far

Winkel Score Experience
AVOID http://www.thuiswinkel.org/home
AVOID http://www.kieskeurig.nl/

You don’t trust the score from these two websites, their credibility is questionable

Go to
or search in google
slecht ‘online shop’s name’

You can search for common complain here
Believe me or not, those common complain are usually true

What to keep in mind when buying
– Website credibility
Ask your friend, if they have any good experience
Did you know that a company can have many domain’s name? even different layout but basically same company
This one is complicated,
Where do you live? a house? a flat?
If you live in flat, is the flat have elevator? which floor do you live?
Can they send on Saturday? can they make an appointment? What kind of person who deliver it? This delivery guy will meet your customer, is he polite enough to your customer?
Can you take your order in the shop? or any other pick up point?
– Installation
Can they install it properly?

I will create a website for this someday

Good Experience Online Shop in Netherlands
Good experience from this website
as long you don’t choose dynalogic as your courier
I will explain more about that damn courier later on
The only negative thing about coolblue is that they have so many domain’s name
Someday in future, a bad competitor can simply replica their website theme
Thing I buy, xperia tablet’s accessory with huge discount, choosing halfords as pick up point.

Easy to order, a nice delivery guy – he handshake your hand with smile and congratulate you with your purchase. what else do you want?
I buy magnetron from this website, a big one
did you read magnetron? not microwave? lol…

The best price to buy washing machine or koelkast!
The price is so good that I take a risk to buy it from them.
The risk is worth it, two person come, one big kid and one older man.
The big kid is the strong one, he who move the big koelkast and washing machine.
While the older man do installation.
Washing machine nicely installed, he see me having liquid detergent thus he install the accessory for the liquid detergent. He give nice warning that do not turn on the refrigerator for some hours.
If there is something I can complain is they left all the plastic and the box thus I have to clean up the mess but they are too nice to get complain.

The best packaging in europe?
The clothes I order is properly packaged, it is so nice, i wonder if they have specialist on packaging.
Things you order said being sent from Spain
I always pick it up in their store.

Here’s funny thing, the price in online shop feels so expensive
while when i come to the store, i see lot of items in good price!
But sometimes they make very good price in online shop thus I order it.
I pick up the order in the store, he open up the order in front of me and give me a nice plastic bag to carry it.

The quality of product from this website is random.
I get a good and nice samsonite trolley for example.
but packaging for clothes and bag that i buy from them is a worse one.
Sometimes good, sometimes not
They definitely need to improve their packaging department.
and oh one time their store worker slam the box with things that I order to the floor, not so nice gesture in front of customer. The box contains chocolate, the chocolate naturally broken to pieces even they put some bubble. Luckily I can exchange the chocolate without problem.

The worst of the worse
Lucky you if you have good experience in these shops
But not to me

My first bad experience
– Sending wrong product, check
Having a stock in their website but actually not, check
– Ordering 3 products and they deliver it one by one, each in different time, check

These websites are same company, different layout indeed to fool customer.
They may have more domain name and more layout, so seriously be careful with these kind of websites.
Most common complains…
Some serious quality control over there.

First send with Post.nl
No problem or whatsoever, delivered fast in the morning.
Until I check the product…
Don’t bother to call them, you have to pay for it!
They make money from complain eh
Use twitter, facebook, email instead