Well I don’t have lot of time playing with it yet…

The Box

The front side

How to apply screen protector

The fragile port cover

Sony Xperia Tablet Z with screen protector attached

First Impression

It feels expensive, you won’t be shy to bring it to meet your client
The loading screen, wow!
User Interface is beautiful, your windows 8 feels like DOS
Navigation is pretty intuitive
Setup is easy

Don’t Like:
In the name of thin and water proof, that port cover…. its so fragile
Touch response (with screen protector attached) is so so… sometimes I feel it doesn’t register my touch, perhaps I haven’t get used with how much pressure I should give yet
Again the touch screen, Wacom Bamboo Solo is NOT working -> you can press a button (sometimes miss) but for scrolling… let alone handwriting…
I was planning to look cool on a meeting with Wacom Bamboo Solo and Sony Xperia Tablet Z so… its pretty big disappointment
Applying the official screen protector (that damn 20 euro screen protector) Seriously, I prefer to pay little bit more and let Sony apply it right out of the box

It’s not perfect
but its premium design makes your friend’s Ipad or Samsung looks like a toy

The day my sony xperia tablet z came, the same day my nokia lumia 800 have wrong password issue with wifi router… (even the password is correct, and yes, ps vita, laptop, and xperia tablet z can connect without problem)

To safe Wacom face, they do not recommend to use their stylus with screen protector attached
and they do not recommend to use it with sony’s previous tablet model (Xperia Tablet S) on their faq http://www.wacom.asia/bamboo-stylus/faq
So I take it as my mistake to not read the faq T_T

Awesome Tablet !

Update June 6 th 2013
I get system update, somehow I can use wacom bamboo solo now
So yeah, I can look cool now :p
Pressing is much better now, scrolling possible
Now im typing with wacom, sometimes a miss still happens, but this is better
Drawing and handwriting still not good