and it’s only happen on internet explorer 10


as this writing Microsoft refuse to acknowledge the issue
I suggest you simply switch to other browser like chrome

or pray they fix it on internet explorer 11

Microsoft insisting that is my web site which have the issue,
but it is so silly

01. ie 10 + windows server 2003 web edition = OK
02. ie 10 + windows azure web site = 502 bad gateway error
03. chrome/opera + windows azure web site = OK

How to fix it?
Stop using internet explorer
otherwise Microsoft insist on you to troubleshoot/debug your web site
instead of fixing their bug!



I install web matrix 3 and run the site locally
and the issue occurred instantly, not 502 bad gateway error but the ajax request instantly not responsive

I have no idea what Microsoft did with IIS
but if you call “abort” on your XmlHttpRequest, things are going wrong
How to reproduce the bug:
Create an ajax request to the server
while the internet explorer wait for response, immediately call abort then call the same ajax request to server

on windows azure web site: after lot of requesting, you will suddenly get 502 bad gateway
on iis express that is installed with web matrix 3 (maybe version 8), the request instantly not responsive
this only happen if you use internet explorer

So the solution is just don’t call that abort method