Playstation Plus is a reason why my Playstation Vita never gathered a dust (and a reason why I won’t buy next xbox but playstation 4)

A free instant game per month for 50 euro per year !

I already finish Gravity Rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss, and I just got Metal Gear Solid HD

I also got Wipeout 2048 and Lumines

Anyway, here an open letter to sony, just like what many people said, there is two vital issue for vita


01. Memory Card’s Price 90 euro for 32 GB is a bit turn off…

That’s why I’m sticking with my 4 GB memory card T_T

Installing and Uninstall games…. I want to buy chrono cross and final fantasy ix (I played it on Japanese version so… want to play it on English) but my memory card…

lets see uncharted is 3 GB ++

Metal Gear Solid HD also 3 GB ++

You can bet, sony insist that the free game on playstation plus is an impulse so we buy the memory card, right?

Dear sony, no, please don’t, make your memory card cheaper please

I have no complain for playstation vita hardware price at all, even you lower it in japan and US, I am proud owner of vita hardware, I buy it at full price!

but the memory card…. you just holding people from buying more content from your store


02. This one a reason I think why playstation portable being killed by Nintendo ds

so you see, playstation vita is a beautiful yet so fragile hardware

There is no single case or whatever accessories which can bring a peace to mind when traveling with playstation vita

Your Nintendo ds fall to the ground and you just laugh as the body it self is armor

Your vita fall and you will cry as the screen will crack or the button will gone

I want to play it on the bus or tram or wherever I am

so if you make a case that can protect my vita and its headphone

(I already have starter kit case, and its ugly as hell)

perhaps an armor which will make vita like ds ?

dunno, bring your product designer to think on this problem

vita armor

nice one eh

Good luck sony!