200 euro

why would you spend money that much for stereo headphone?


so I am a programmer, I have very sensitive ears you know

the sound of other people typing, moving their mouse, people walking, those voice go to my ears instantly

so I need some solution, previously I use earphone, play music loudly, stay in same music, then I can get back to focus

the result is my ears little bit broke, definitely can’t stand against loud sound anymore…


I work in the place, where most of them is not programmer, so they don’t understand the important of zen place for programmer

so as programmer I have to invest (a nice excuse to buy expensive headphone eh)

on Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition


Let’s talk about the most important function

wearing it without playing any music = you still can hear stuff clearly

wearing it with playing music = if you have ears like me, between medium to high volume, you can still hear what people talking

basically you have to adjust the volume, depending with the situation


Closed acoustics

– means no air coming to your ears = hot for your ear but i don’t really feel discomfort, it’s passive blocking after all

E.A.R. technology for outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity

– that one means the sound goes to one direction, not spreading… it is direct instead of spread.. play the music, turning the ear cup, you will get what i mean


sound quality

– no bullshit, it’s awesome!


– your ears will sweat for sure after long use, but still no problem


– i haven’t test it, sorry, but the position of the microphone is not really nice, i hope they will find a way to hide the microphone when not in use


some nice detail

-turn the microphone up, its muted

-volume control on your right cup

-the cable is not the usual rubber but it give some nice touch that say this is not your common headphones



bonus: you get carrying case

i like it, its little bit funny how you have to fold it on the case, but you get a case!


nothing is perfect, so there must be some flaw right

yep… it is on the wrapper of the cable, it is so fragile

it is only matter of time before its broke and your cable will be scattered


so does it do its job? yes, so a 4 star from me !


how do i test it

– use xbox music on windows 8 app