Stubborn. Secretive. Dictatorial.


and you know what?

I am hard to work with, stubborn indeed, amen to dictatorial!

trust me, I did try to be a little democracy (sic)

it just not working, when you are not controlling people who build each component of your software, make it the way you want, I have to fix their mistake
lets see wrong analysis, horrible code, wrong database design, etc2


I know what my customer want

I know what user need

I am right and I have to be right

I take all the responsibility for all mistakes and glories

never make complex feature

complexity is a lot of interaction between simple component

do not underestimate

it has to be easy and simple


do you want to hire/work with someone like me? 😛


after Steve Job RIP, I thought Microsoft is lucky to still have Steven Sinofsky, a dictatorial style software development

windows will do just fine, and now he leave


windows 9 is the next 3 years ? I doubt it…