Mix radio is awesome music application
things got pretty absurd since version 3
suddenly my mix radio is gone

so what’s wrong?
01. I don’t use any sim card at all (it was work on version 2)
02. Nokia add country check by using your sim card
so, there is some country dependent feature which will be gone when your country is not supported

to fix it… just put your sim card, uninstall then install again, there you get it, nokia mix radio won’t gone anymore, enjoy your music !

nokia drive my commute feature, have same country check feature…
i have to uninstall 😦
then install nokia drive (and download the map again !)

UPDATE : my commute not working 😦



so when I update to version
My mix radio gone again ! oh yeah…

Now I get issue there is problem when registering nokia music unlimited bla2

so what is the fix,

check nokia music – settings

do not sign in with your nokia account, if you signed in, just sign out

uninstall nokia music, install again, make sure you are on good network coverage

and yes! mix radio is back! again!