Ok, this bug is not so popular 😦
So i make a blog post so it get nokia/microsoft attention… hope others will do so

anyway, i just go to bromo, to see a sunrise at the top of the mountain
briliantly i took my lumia 800, open a compass, searching for direction to east

waiting for the sun !
still darks until i see crowded people on my left and little bit orange of the sky…
i knew i point my view to wrong direction… it’s too late to move to another spot due it’s too crowded…

angryly at home i check my lumia 800 compass
turn it off, turn it on to calibrate
do a right way to calibrate compass
yes that 8 calibration move,
i suggest you see the video of how to calibrate compass at the link below…

it never corrects
south become east
east become south
north become west
west become north


in the hype people asking for windows phone 8 on old devices,
i just want my compass to be fixed !!! just joke, i want windows phone 8 on lumia 800 or at least http://windowsphone.uservoice.com/forums/101801-feature-suggestions/suggestions/2945071-bring-new-features-of-wp8-that-can-be-supported-by

anyway, a tips for developer then… windows phone have compass error
please make an option or something to compensate it…

and little bit tips for traveler to bromo
at pananjakan, the highest spot, after the stairs,
your left is the east
your front is the south –> my view yo !
your right is the west
your back is the south –> the stairs