as of june 20th, 2012


will you buy windows phone 8 when its launch?
Not sure anymore, there is this win RT for phone
The question is why can’t we make a phone call with win RT for windows 8 ? (uhmm… skype?)

Windows phone 8 sounds like a bullshit at this moment, microsoft said it is scaled down and scaled up
scaled up = dual core
scaled down = ? it can’t run on lumia 800, but you said scaled down? cheaper phone?

at this moment no body knows win RT for windows 8 battery performance
looks like its not long enough, therefore there is this win RT for windows phone 8
if it long enough, then its questionable why they dont make it for phone too, surface phone ?

windows mobile – windows phone brand is damaged so bad, it is another restart
from windows mobile 6.5 to windows phone 7
now windows phone 7 to windows phone 8
The problem is windows phone 8 is not a full set of win RT
it is another sub set
which means there is still another restart moment