Dear Nokia’s employee, do you want to have future or not?
Definitely not marketing department 🙂 More for people in quality control and software engineering

The past

Let’s start with symbian

Nokia’s symbian is crap, garbage, most buggy software released for mass
Thousands people make it, yet its buggy, yet thousands people can’t admit how crap their software
I can understand it if symbian is good, but nokia’s symbian is the lowest

lets start with mine,
Nokia 6120 classic
I save every penny i can have, so i can ditch my old siemens for a nokia smartphone!
support up to 8 GB, bullshit, it hang if you put that much files, and i just used 2GB, in the end i give up and use 256 MB only…. 😦
Music Player, Hang
Play Games – Unable to lower volume of the sound, it plays the volume very loud

Nokia CDMA 2180
The phone is for my mom, when i turn it on, its very hard to catch the signal, for some reason i have to register my identity a lot, turn it off/on off/on and pray it fixed….
Last time when it try to charge, the battery looks not charged

Nokia N82
My friend report its death less than a year, he swear he won’t buy nokia anymore

The message is clear, nokia’s symbian is buggy, next phone i buy for my father is samsung with symbian, no strange bug so far


When you think ios, you think iphone
When you think android, you think samsung
When you think windows phone, you will think nokia! This is what nokia want to achieve, if you want windows phone, buy nokia!

so you who suggest nokia to success with android, its a bad idea ever

so what is nokia’s employee did?
buggy lumia 800 (which i have)
buggy lumia 900

and to compete with lower price of android phone, they launch lumia 610 which nobody will recommend to buy, the price is above $200 and it has lower memory and say sayonara to lot of apps
Android price point today is $100 for samsung, and chinese oem around $50

recycle old phone design for windows phone

they want symbian looks good so bad, 41 Mega Pixel Camera yo!
yet lumia phone’s camera is crap automatically

Here in indonesia,
No body (but me) buy nokia today!
Everyone have blackberry, some have iphone, some others have galaxy note
People look for my awesome lumia 800! Very hard to find its accesories….

so, nokia’s employee, keep doing your crap software engineering, and keep make buggy lumia
, rumours said its a sabotage of unhappy symbian worker, well rumour is rumour