I use lumia 800 for my holiday to singapore and malaysia,
a nice phone indeed, but i’m the only person with it
if you want to be different, use lumia 800
other use samsung galaxy note or iphone or ipad or blackberry

how long is the battery? 2 days!
Windows phone is pretty aggressive with battery saving by making your smartphone to dumbphone….
Say you download 5 apps with wifi then you put your phone to sleep, only the first app is downloaded then the rest is not, why? because windows phone turn off your wifi so you can save battery, yay!

Basic stuff which gone, 140 characters counter when sms, save to draft sms

You can’t stop zune music player, just pause but no stop
~open video and close video as workaround

Second windows live account to chat… it’s irony, microsoft does not allow another windows live chat application, im+ remove it… so, what do we have? a web version of messenger! this is silly, other platform can have more than one windows live account, but not windows phone… no, you can’t chat with your second windows live account even you add it

Camera API is so basic, good bye real HDR photo app

yes journalist is lie about that hundred thousands apps on another platform as you won’t care with it!
what hurt most is when you see apps is available for ios, android, blackberry but no windows phone
like air asia, team viewer, etc2

Pen Tile screen? no problemo, you wont notice it

Camera apps as i said before, you must do stuff manually
at singapore i use my friend iphone 4 to take picture, the screen is so bright, easy to see
lumia… set it to high maybe, i use auto, its not as bright as my friend’s iphone, but still visible…

I have issue with ilo milo music, the sound is broken or such…

nokia drive is fantastic at outdoor, i use it when riding taxi at kuala lumpur, make sure you won’t get cheated by the driver (the driver is a honest one in my case however)
I use it to walk too, getting around, it took times to get used with it, but once you get the idea, nice app

Translator by bing… i try to translate chinese characters at chinatown in singapore… not quite works, pretty cool apps but im afraid people will scold me of taking picture, not all store owner happy with you taking picture

news reader, weave is very recommended

espn score center is a nice, but horrible ux
see underline text on top left to change the sport you want to see

its very hard to find accessories for lumia 800 !