Tested on blackberry 9380


Ok, i just helped my cousin blackberry, its a 9380 orlando

for unknown reason, it fails to boot, jvm error 517

no idea why, so how to fix?


first of all, you must download blackberry desktop software with the same version of your blackberry, then install it.


run C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe


Remove blackberry battery, then connect it to your pc

There will be USB Connect bla2

Press next, you will see the list of stuff you want to re-install

if not or you get this kind of message, the blackberry desktop software doesn’t have the supported device, that means you install the wrong version of blackberry desktop software

04. Once you see your blackberry showing picture of no battery sign, install your battery again

05. it will boot again, fresh ! re-add your contact bla2….