thanks to that link…

Basically we must have at least 2 partition,

one which contains current windows and the next is empty partition which we will install the win7

Tools Needed:

Virtual CloneDrive




c: –> current running windows

d: –> target win 7 install

e: –> win7 install disk

01. Make sure the target hard disk (d:) is formatted,

I suggest you put the iso of win 7 is on current drive (c:)

02. run cmd as administrator

imagex /apply e:\sources\install.wim 5 d:\

Notice number 5 ? that means windows 7 ultimate

imagex /info e:\sources\install.wim

to check the image numbers

03. d:\windows\system32\bcdboot d:\windows

04. and done, you can use easybcd to check/edit default boot