So i will review Nescafe Menu Grand Latte which sold in Indonesia,
it can be vary by where its sold.

coffee, we who make code, drink it everyday
it can be good to know which one can make you sick, which one is not
if the review is bad, the point is not bashing the company who made it, but i hope the company will improve its product
the review is ofcourse very subjective to me, no science data behind me

so, before i buy a coffee, i usually read the ingredient first
Nescafe Menu Grand Latte is one that i bought for my mom, why? because my mom have diabetes
Almost all nescafe product which sold in indonesia contains artificial sweetener, so unless you have diabetes, i suggest you to not drink it
and its nescafe, its not a cheap one and they do not promote it for someone who have diabetes
you and i know, the use of artificial sweetener is as cost reduction attempt, not making product better at all
and its nescafe, how can they sold this kind of product in my country i wonder
I don’t like it, a foreign country product (Swizerland) reduce their quality to sell it in indonesia
don’t say so its buyable by indonesian as many products which cheaper than nescafe don’t use any artificial sweetener at all

so back to Nescafe Menu Grand Latte,
how does it taste
it taste like watered sugar with some bitter after taste as you expect when you drink something with artficial sweetener
this one pretty extreme, it contains 2, aspartame (55mg) and Acesulfame K (24mg)
even my mom complains its too sweet, and fyi people with diabetes have reduced ability to taste sweet
I drank it my self too, its fucking sweet too
Don’t expect any coffee taste at all

So nescafe, any good reason why you put 2 artificial sweeteners on your product?

Nescafe Menu Grand Latte
Taste like watered sugar with bitter after taste
Don’t drink it, its too sweet for you with diabetes, its totally not good for you who healthy