another windows 7 issue post

So, someone bring his laptop to me, its windows 7 home basic
after login there is that Ntkrnl secure suite splash
and its windows 7 on classic mode, device drivers show nothing at all, when you try to do system restore its show error message,
when you see windows experience index its 1.0, when you try to plug your usb stick its not recognize your usb stick

so what to do,
Use your windows 7 disc installation
Try to do repairs from booting the disc
if you lucky like me, i can do system restore to early dates
so do restore

now i have to face that ntkrnl splash
sysinternal autorun is your bestfriend for any virus which run on startup !

the last one is to install antivirus
I recommend Microsoft Security Essential
and for you who dont use genuine stuff can use avira free antivirus
avira antivirus is pretty sucking your cpu, so you may want to disable it after cleaning your pc

do virus scanning, it may take hours, and that’s it