Dear Microsoft, you can’t introduce new party then expect us to trust the new party easily, its not how business works

Have you ever heard Global Publisher Program?

You who live on supported country maybe don’t know or care
but this how microsoft treat us who live in unsupported country

what we expect, we just want to sell apps and get paid, thats it
no need training stuff, etc2

but we can not because we live in not supported country, we can’t get paid; suck number 1 –> this man who offer windows phone to web os and android developers, but when its to us unsupported country’s microsoft developer, he said yalla, check yalla; suck number 2

i don’t have any hard feeling with you @Brandon Watson, but here i explain why global publisher program suck, maybe you can finally understand

Microsoft offer to supported country:

  • $99 per year
  • 100 free apps submission
  • 70-30 revenue sharing

Microsoft offer us global publisher program, a third party to handle stuff so we can submit apps

App-Port –> Asia Pasific –> Dead link as this article written –> There is COST on every FREE APPS SUBMISSION

Mtel –> China

Paid App Free App
New Submission 20 Credits with 10% revenue sharing / App 25 Credits / App
Certification failed & re-submission 10 Credits / App 10 Credits / App
Update Submission 10 Credits / App 10 Credits / App

100 credits=$80

APPA Market –> Central and Eastern Europe

Registration costs just £65.00 which will be credited to your account balance. you can then use this balance to pay for a number of services. You can top up your balance as required.

  • Application submission £30.00
  • Application update £6.00
  • Application resubmission (failed Marketplace testing) FREE
  • Device unlock (max. one per account) £25.00

For paid applications we deduct 15% from your monthly royalties to cover ongoing administrative and billing costs

Yalla Apps –> Miidle east and Africa

You will be charged an annual subscription fee of USD$99. We will add 100 Credits

You are required to purchase credits in order to submit applications or unlock devices.

                        Submission                         Paid App                         Free App
                        New Submission                         0 Credits                         1 Credit
                        Certification failed > app re-submission                         0 Credits                         1 Credit
                        Update Submission                         0 Credits                         1 Credit

The table below shows the current price list for credit purchases.

                        25 Credits                         50 Credits                         100 Credits
                        USD 25                         USD 45                         USD 80

How much money do I get for my Paid App sales?

Your App Sales receivable will be calculated on a monthly basis based on the below:

App Sales receivable = Total collected from Marketplace downloads – 30% (retained                by Windows Phone Marketplace) – 20% (retained by Yalla Apps) – Any transaction or                remittance fees.

all of those global publisher program sucks, more cost, less benefit

what is the best route for you unsupported developers

Look for proxy, trustable person who live on supported country, he/she will be your proxy and you get all the benefit of microsoft offer

so do you get it now @Brandon Watson?