So suddenly you don’t know why,

web site is not running…

on my case its on windows server 2003

first thing first, download tcpView from


open cmd, netstat -aon

if you see TCP


System PID 4 taking over your port 80

Check answer on

if none of its working,

then i get the clue from

so i download first the

once i got httpcfg.exe

see how to use it here

httpcfg query iplisten

–> HttpQueryServiceConfiguration completed with 1168. —> it listen to nothing

httpcfg set iplisten -i

–> set to which iis ip address setting, if you get HttpQueryServiceConfiguration completed with 0. –> means everything good

net stop http /y

iisreset /restart

open inetmgr,

check if your website running…

start it if its stopped…

and done !