Economy Problem in Netherlands

01. Basically No Competition

You can divide it into three, big giant company is a company which is so huge so it can make any pressure to other company to follow their term whatever it like to (think like Microsoft in the past), Cartel like company is more or less no competition between them, its like they all agree with certain level of price. The last one is Pie Slice Company, each company have its own slice/share of their market, usually based on location. I’ll try to put what we mostly use here.

Big Giant Company :
internet,phone,Television: Ziggo
A Merk Supermarket: Albert Heijn
Electronic: Mediamarkt
Furniture: IKEA
Train: NS 

Cartel Like Companies :
Mobile Phones Providers

Pie Slices Companies :
Public Transport (Bus, Tram)
Housing Makelaar
Water & Electric

02. Funny Government Policy
- They punish the giant with millions euro fine
Instead of changing in management, who will pay the fine in the end anyway? of course consumer !

- Increase pension time from 65 – 67
We keep hearing this kind of news from government, at least when I stay during VVD and PvDA coalition
We will save budget by blah blah blah –> but the result is more or less.. oops we wrong…
The policy is very short sightless, you maybe save some budget by increasing pension time, but how about the after effect of younger generation when searching of job? There is no job for the young because the old one is not retired yet…

03. The market is designed for elder people
This a little bit mixed, gray I think
6 days in a week, open from 9am – 5pm
1 day in a week, open from 9am – 10pm

The idea is work life and balance
but for someone like me, who work at 7 / 8am and sometimes going home at 6 / 7 pm (This is not normal, Dutch is well known of going home in the right time, and they kinda hate us due we work a little bit late, but I really do agree with Dutch on this, it just my situation is not so good as them)
Anyway, basically there is no market open for me on that 6 days
If you are elder people with pensions, you have all days the market for you
Maybe elder with pension have more disposable income but when the pension system is being challenged – from sure you will get your pension – to we are not sure anymore

04. Save money in the bank
A little bit mixed again, Dutch is well known people who save money in the bank
That is good for your own, but not good for economy…
Instead just saving the money, the money must be well spent too, otherwise the market will not running which in the end will fire back to you because everyone is saving their money in the bank, no one buy your product or use your service, and boom, you lose your job

05. Where Dutch and Immigrants spend their holiday…
At this moment, the tension is more or less say that Immigration causing Dutch people is losing their job
That is not true, more people means more money circled in economy, more money is more jobs for all of us
The biggest problem is where we spend our biggest holiday allowance… I said we because that including me sadly

Where are we going for holiday ??? (Not all these countries I have visit, but I will maybe)
Spain, Portugal, France, German, Swiss, England, Morocco, Turkey, Indonesia

Lets think where to go in Netherlands for holiday……
Amsterdam red light district? Keukenhof?

06. Horrible Service
What do you want to eat? This that, xxx euro, eet smakelijk

07. Racist treatment or racist joke is common
I do realize that Immigrant also one of trouble makers, I see them playing with tram door,  spitting in wooden halte, eating in the bus/tram, but making generalization and giving racist treatment wont do any good for economy

08. Housing Cost
All housing cost can take your 50-70% of your salary

09. Dining cost is the most expensive in Europe
Clear enough…

10. Depending too much on trades
Buy cheap, sell expensive
That trick is good in the past, but not anymore

11. Generous holiday for employee
What I heard is Companies is so afraid to open company in Netherlands due the cost of holiday and losing 1 month productivity
So company only open a po box to make their dutch sandwich 
keep in mind i as employee love holiday but in the same time I feel less competitive

Anyway, we get the idea now, basically the government must think 

How to increase competitiveness between companies in Netherlands
How to makes people have more disposable income and spend it in Netherlands
How to integrates all of these different cultures to spend their money in Netherlands

If you live in Netherlands, spend your money in Netherlands AVC Not MVC

Can i trademark that term? :P

“Abstract View Controller” instead of “Model View Controller”

Just like any teacher, sometimes they teach us so bad, so wrong

Lets use an example of MVC

Model: Person
View: Render(Person person);
Controller: Create(Person person);

Question: Is your code reuseable?
Absolutely not

thats why we have code generator, scaffolding and stuff


Question 02 – How will you create data access?
yes you lazy developer, entity framework?

you will do: using DbContext.People.Add(person)

and what will you do if you have another entity? like Country
oh Tsuyoshi, ofcourse my generator will create those entity
or i can create a code first class putting it on DbContext bla2

Here i tell you what, since the introducing of LINQ you guys abusing strong typing so insanely and totally forgot about abstraction

Right at this moment, i create a web site with this AVC technique

Abstract Model
View: Render();
Controller: Create();Update();Delete();
DataAccess: Save(AbstractModel);

yes, my controller have no parameter, i am not joking
my one method data access can handle any type of entity you throw on it
and my view can render any kind of entity

Code reuseable check
No generator check
Less working check
No performance issue check

if you are curious, then ask me on comment

otherwise lets wait someone at .net team realize this
and i bet you will more believe someone from Microsoft than any random blog post from me


ios objective c event based block with httpClient as sample


@interface HttpClient : NSObject
void (^finishLoadingHandler)(NSString* response);

- (void) OnFinishLoading:(void(^)(NSString*))response;


- (void)connectionDidFinishLoading:(NSURLConnection *)connection {
NSString *stringData = [[NSString alloc] initWithData:responseData encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];
finishLoadingHandler(stringData); //maybe you should put nil check here

- (void) OnFinishLoading:(void(^)(NSString*))response
finishLoadingHandler=[response copy];

HttpClient *httpClient=[[HttpClient alloc]init];
[httpClient OnFinishLoading:^(NSString* response){
NSLog(@"%@", response);

You keep in mind that i’m still learning objective c
this block stuff on objective c
is similiar with event based programming on c#

void (^finishLoadingHandler)(NSString* response);
//this is your function handler

- (void) OnFinishLoading:(void(^)(NSString*))response;
//this is a method to assign your callback

I don’t put too much objective c code to avoid confusing
but i believe people who came from c# will understand these code sample
good luck!

How to fix razer surrround skype call issue

It’s a free virtual surround :) then you try to make a call with Skype

Problem with callback device :(

It is because razer install new sound driver and Skype is not yet configured to use that driver

To fix it, just Call->Audio Setting

Speakers –> choose whichever contains word Razer

Anyway, to test razer surround sound, just don’t use you tube, use something with real support of 7.1, not that bad, really..

Windows azure custom domain setting

The tutorial is so absurd and useless

but thanks to commenter, Simon Owen, just follow his instruction

manage domain

If you live in Netherlands, be careful when buying item from

is amazon like web site in Netherlands

Don’t believe with their “Morgen in thuis” (Tomorrow in your house)
They can send an email saying the stock is not ready and you have to wait

I have serious bad experience with them which I would to share

May 2013 : I PRE ORDER
Xperia Tablet Z
Official Screen Protector
Official Carrying Case

The pre-order item have special discount bundle, thats why i buy it at

Bundle = Tablet + Carrying Case

All of these items delivered on different time

The biggest issue is with Official Carrying Case which finally delivered on JULY 2013

“artikel Sony beschermhoes voor de Xperia Tablet Z – Zwart”

Zwart means black

what do they send me?


fucking RED

and here is the apology email

Dear sir,

Unfortunately you did not receive your article in the right color. We apoligize for the inconvenience caused.It is not possible to exchange the item for another color. We advise that you return the item with the wrong color. You will receive a refund for the amount of money paid. Please note that you received a discount on your order, the discount will be applied evenly on both articles.

If you wish to receive the item in the right color you can place a new order. Because of our privacy policy we are not able to place an order for you.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Kind regards.

Jill Klantenservice


You know what, Time is money. 

01. You must not over promised if you are not sure with your stock, i believe you have issue with your stock system.

02. Lets do business a little bit fair

You make bundle promotion to me
You can not deliver it
You ask me to return it and ask me to put new order with higher price

So, i have to return this fucking 40 euro red (original price is 80 euro)
if i want refund, i’ll get 20 euro (due the bundle discount)
if i want the black, i have to pay 80 euro original price

Do you think your customer can not do simple math or what ?

UPDATE: 5 September 2013

How much memory your windows 8 need?


This is my working pc at this moment, you can see I have 16 GB, it is too much actually

What you have to do first is, to open all your programs which you usually use

Wait for the next day or next week


There are 4 divisions

In Use, Modified, Standby, Free

Use this formula,
So your minimum memory is In Use + Modified + Standby + 1 or 2 GB
More than that is a waste of money

for new buyer, I recommend to have at least 6 GB, that is a minimum to run windows 8 smoothly
The ideal is 8 GB memory.
4 GB is too low for windows 8

after i fix my hardware reserved memory issue, now windows 8 run smooth like butter


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